Meet the Team

Russell Howard

Over the decades, Russell Howard has served as CEOs at subsidiaries of US 100 companies like Ford and Coca-Cola. Prior to joining Armacost Holdings, he worked for a private equity firm.

Aria Melton

Aria brings her expertise in green and alternative energy investments, as well as ethical investing to the company's portfolio.

Andrew T. Packer

Andrew brings his options investing expertise to Armacost Holdings, and also writes on financial issues elsewhere.

What We do


Publicly-Traded Investments

We take full advantage of misplacing in publicly-traded stocks to generate market-beating returns with lower risk, balancing short-term needs with long-term growth.


Real Estate

With a global network, we are able to find undervalued properties that can cash flow in markets with a high likelihood for appreciation


Non-Correlating Assets

We believe in the use of non-correlating assets like precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and art as a way to diversify outside the cash flows of real estate and the growth potential of the stock market.